Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

bobn2 wrote:

With respect to Nikon, I don't expect Nikon to disappear. For a number of reasons:

i) Nikon is an important part of the Mitsubishi group. I use the word 'group' rather then 'kieretsu' advisedly. Mitsubishi seems to see it as a part, see here:

This puts it is a significantly different position with respect to companies such a Nokia or Kodak. Simply, Nikon won't go bust, and isn't likely to get taken over by an outside concern (they would have to negotiate with Mitsubishi first). Note also what Mitsubishi says Nikon's business is:

I agree with much of what you said Bob but my understanding of Japanese "groups" or "Kieretsu"
is somewhat different. My understanding is that they are more of a buying group with members trying to buy from their own group but not having a direct financial relationship and will not rescue a failing company. I could not find a single mention of Nikon in Mitsubishi's corporate annual report or financial annual report.

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