SB400 Trigger?

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Re: It depends on your Nikon body

p51bombay wrote:

So the SB-400 has a pre flash built in?

I'm thinking I may go ahead and get one anyway - reviews seem to agree that it is a great little flash and doesn't cost much new so then I guess I can test it and see what happens with the 910.

TTL mode has a preflash, in any model, including SB-400

The only way a SB-400 can trigger SB-910 and SB-700 is this one way:

Put SB-900 and SB-700 into their SU-4 optical slave mode.  This is manual flash.

SB-400 has no menu, it only works on hot shoe.  Set camera menu to Manual flash.  Could be at a low power level, should still trigger (esp if remote flash sensors point back to camera).

If interested in off-camera flash, SB-400 is not the right choice.  Does not cost much, but is low power and only works connected to hot shoe.

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