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Re: Speedlight

TH - NikonStrobist wrote:

WFulton wrote:

Off-camera manual flash can be triggered a few ways, but off-camera TTL requires use of a Commander.

Does it? Why not a TTL capable wireless trigger, or a TTL cable?

There are only a few "TTL capable wireless triggers". You did not mention having one of them before. I have not used them, but mostly, yes, they simply relay the commander signals. If you want the Nikon camera to meter multiple remote TTL, you will also need a commander, with or without such radio trigger relay.

TTL cables - (if meaning simply a hot shoe extension cable)  For digital, that only works with one flash . You mentioned two flashes. Yes, the Commander is the only way for multiple remote TTL.

The old Nikon cables called "TTL cables" refer only to film TTL. Digital is iTTL.  Those cables are manual flash only with digital.

First, at least try the D300 Commander and SB-600 once, to know a bit more about it;

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