Olympus SP720UZ....how to stop auto focus shooting video

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Re: Olympus SP720UZ....how to stop auto focus shooting video

gphin wrote:

I just bought a SP720UZ. Like the camera except for the fact it's out of focus a lot when using the zoom feature when taking a video of a moving subject, so much of the video appears out of focus. Is there a way to stop the auto focus while shooting in video mode?

To my knowledge, the SP-720 does not permit manual focus. I do have manual focussing on my 2008 vintage SP-570UZ, but I find automatic focussing more reliable on that model.

Not finding focus at long tele settings is a common problem on all long zoom cameras, particularly with moving objects. Still, the newer models are more reliable than the old ones.

In 'P' mode you have spot focussing or AF tracking to help you. Also check you have IS ON in video mode. The IS setting needs to be set in video mode, you should find the video settings in the MENU.

If the whole scene jiggles around it is unreasonable to expect that the camera will lock on to a moving object within the shaky scene.

To make sure that the moving object is more steady in the scene than the stationary bits - pan with the moving object. The out-of-focus appearance may actually be movement blur when the camera is not tracking the object.

On the first day with my SZ-30MR I lost focus a lot on stationary scenes beyond about 12x zoom on my first test video. Over the first six months in particular this tendency gradually disappeared. It was like the camera was learning along with my learning.

I have seen the same loss of focus, even on stationary objects, on long zoom videos with the SONY brand in particular.


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