I take it back, I think Fuji will do a FF X Pro 2

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Re: No they wont.

57even wrote:

Trust me on this.

Fuji is working on new sensor technology not FF.

Why produce a whole new lens lineup for a single low-volume camera that you won't even buy because it's too expensive? You will simply alienate all those who have invested heavily in the current lens lineup (which is easily good enough for 24MP) and be trying to sell another new camera without any lenses.

I agree that it doesn't make much sense to Fujifilm to completely change X-mount to a FF mount. The X-mount lens lineup is just now hitting its stride with excellent lenses at pretty much every important focal length.  It makes no sense to to obsolete or marginalize a newish lens lineup like X-mount and risk alienating satisfied X users.

A FF Fuji will be at a price point that most people will ignore. As I suspect most will ignore the new Sonys. Seems the response has been underwhelming already.

I don't know that people will ignore a Fuji FF, but with the superb high ISO ability of the current Fuji X system which is actually competitive some FF cameras like the Leica M and even the Sony A99, the only real gains to be had by going to FF are more shallow DOF and possibly a bit better DR.

Many mirrorless users are FF DSLR users who just want a smaller, lighter weight camera to times when the FF DSLR would be overkill.  The Sony FF NEX looks OK, but it's not something that I'm interested at all mainly because it's a Sony (sorry, just being honest), and because the Zeiss branded lenses are so expensive, especially considering most of them have slower f/2.8 and f/4 max apertures.  A Sony 35 f/2.8 for $800 and a 55 f/1.8 (a normal lens) for a $1000, and even more in Europe, blue Zeiss sticker or not.   I suspect that many amateurs will find that's too money for only weight and size savings over their F or EF mount cameras.  And I don't imagine that users of the excellent Fujinon lenses will care either.

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