Honest question for Fuju X owners.

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See DPR EM-1 RAW comparison with X-Pro1

No Regrets wrote:

My question is this. When I compare the various X Series with that of the OMD's on the Imaging Resource comparator, the OMD's seem to have more detail at lower iso's and the X series appear to be smeared or smoothed out with a lack of detail. Although at high iso's the X Series are more pleasing.

So why is it that I prefer the OMD on the comparator but really prefer the examples of the X Series on the DP Forums? What am I not understanding?

I don't think the Olympus cameras have more detail at all. Did look at the Imaging Resource comparison, but if you look at the OMD EM-1 RAWs vs X-Pro1 RAWs (See link below and change one camera to X-Pro1) on DPR's Studio comparison the X-Pro1 seems to produce more detail, and a sharper image. And the OMD EM-1 shows considerably more chroma noise as early as ISO 400.


As far as why you prefer the Fujifilm images, I feel the same way, and I think it may have to do with slightly more shallow DOF of the APS-C sensor camera, the cleaner files at every ISO high or low, and the Fuji colors vs the overly warm Olympus color palette.

Best of luck, Markus

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