Best manual fast 50mm prime that performs well on e-mount (with adapter)?

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Good manual fast 50mm primes

turnstyle wrote:

Hi all,

What current manufacture lenses are considered the best fast, fully manual (not focus-by-wire, with aperture ring) 50mm primes, that work well when mounted on a NEX via e-mount adapter?

I don't care about the system the lens is built for, or mount type -- just the overall best performance from wide open down, and can be used fully manually.

It could be a rangefinder (though I do wonder if rangefinder and NEX are ever going to get along as well as they should) or it could be an SLR type lens, preferably around 300 grams (or less).

Thanks for any suggestions...

Don't know about best, but these are all very good IMHO - no tests, just photos for your viewing (dis)pleasure!

Not in production, obviously, but Canon FDn 50/1.4 is pretty good in the centre wide open (scored no.1 in Verybiglebowski's wide open f1.4 test), and on a focal reducer (Zhongyi Lens Turbo) approximates full-frame and is sharp to the edges, this is around f5.6/8 on the Z LT:

Bokeh? You decide! Stopped down a little on the LT:

Olympus OM 50/1.8 'Made in Japan' (serial no. 4million+) is also very sharp wide open, softer OOF than the FD, small and light, I never tested edges - this is wide open, regular adapter x1.5 crop mode, on original 14MP NEX-5:

Stopped down a bit on NEX-5:

Minolta MC Rokkor PG 50/1.4 is also pretty good, less sharp wide open than the others, sharpens up well on stopping down, heavy/metal so nice ergonomics, lovely colour and OOF rendering:

On the old 14MP NEX-5:

Industar L/D 55/2.8 is great, small, light, possibly still made? Mine is very poorly assembled and locks and unscrews itself from adapter when focusing occasionally (and it's not the typical Industar dry grease problem!): On old NEX-5, from JPG as I didn't "get" RAW back then!

Wide open:

I also have a nice Yashica ML 50/1.7 I forget about (no published pics!). The SEL5018 from what I've seen is very impressive - sharp from wide open, lovely OOF and colours.

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