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Re: XPro-1 or XE2 ? It depends what finder you want.

stevo23 wrote:

I've been watching the X series since last December and I'm getting close to adding something to my stable. I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, but it's hard to search it out. So I apologize in advance if it's out there.

Basically, I'm torn between the Xpro1 and the XE2. I really liked the optical viewfinder option on the Pro, it's really nice to look through, but is it worth the extra $$$? (For me, it might be.) And when I compared the two in person, I thought the Pro seemed a little more solid, but that's perhaps more of a perception issue.

Is there anything else compelling about the XPro? I like them both, but would like to hear from those who have used or own both.

Both cameras have the same sensor. The XE-1 has a superior EVF while the X Pro-1 has a very good one; not as good but still very good. The X Pro-1 is built a little better, but not that much better. Both will give long service after you have grown tired of them and bought the newest model.

There is only one reason to buy the X-Pro-1.That is for the wonderful hybrid finder, and that is why I bought it. I use the OVF most of the time. It is brighter, has no distortion of the image, doesn't block shadow details or burn out highlights, etc. That is because you are looking through glass. The EVF is best for manual focusing, especially with the focus peaking. In very low light, I use the OVF. In very bright sun at certain angles, the frame lines in the OVF tend to fade and in that situation I also use the EVF. Either is accessible with the push of a lever.

Bottom line: Buy the X Pro-1 and get the hybrid finder. If you don't care, save the money and buy the XE-1 or 2.

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