So - when are higher resolution m43 sensors going to appear?

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Andrewteee wrote:

Jonas Palm wrote:

As the "spatial resolution of different formats" thread has amply demonstrated, backed up by mtf charts for m43 lenses, m43s optics could use/support higher resolution sensors roughly as well as FF.

And as most are aware, more pixels doesn't come with any significant drawbacks in terms of noise or dynamic range, at any given output size.

So the issue seems to be mostly market pacing (keeping up with the Joneses) and processing power/data path speeds vs. image frame rates.

Since the APS-C market is moving to 24MP, and FF seems likely to shift from 20+ to 35-40MP, when do you think that m43 will follow suit? A sensor with a pixel count in the 24MP ballpark seems like a given to me in the relatively close future (less than a year), but others may disagree.

Also, could there be a market for more differentiated sensors, or is the m43 market too small to sustain more than one (plus possibly the previous generation product) at the same time?

Does anyone take pictures anymore. You know, just walk around with a camera and capture what they see and tell us a visual story or two. Or is it all just rocket science now?

You got to understand that this forum deals with photo equipment, not photos! People, including me, comes here to discuss and enlarge marginal differences in noice, resolution or dynamic range, etc, etc. Most of us have a fanatic belief in the brand of our choice, anything else is just garbage!

If you are interested the actual pictures, you got to go somewhere else!

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