Nikon's 5 year plan...

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Re: Nikon's 5 year plan...

I will make a few quick comments:

1, Cameras saw unprecedented, in fact, arguably unnatural, growth for about 10 or 15 years. It was the advent of digital camera and the sudden lowered cost of photography enticing a lot of otherwise uninterested people into photography. You can say it was merely a fashion trend and like all fashion trends, it was always going to die down. But that doesnt mean the core hobbyists will disappear or change what they do. So yes, we will see a decline in sales, but the decline will merely go backto,  at the most, where things were before the age of digital camera.

2, notwithstanding what I said above. The general interest in photography has not died down. What has happened, is that the majority, who care more about instant sharing over ultimate quality, merely found smart phones to be more convenient. They choose to use smartphone only because they can share images instantly. It truly is surprising how camera makers are so slow at realising this. As of 2013 no major camera makers make a mid-high end camera with 3G connection or NFC. only a handful have wifi. People used to carry a cellphone and a small camera with them. there is no reason why that is suddenly unthinkable. except right now it is very inconvenient because you have to move SD card around to copy images. If cameras like A7, or V1, or G16 or RX100 or S110 had NFC, you just touch it with your smartphone and instantly you can upload pictures to facebook, many people will come back to stand alone cameras.

Recently a friend of mine went to Thailand with his girlfriend for a holiday, He took his D300 + 17-50 yet he took 99% of his pictures with iPhone 5. Why? because he wanted to upload images to instagram, facebook, wechat, ALL THE TIME, to show off where he has been what he has just eaten or how hot his girlfriend is bikini. Now I wouldn't do that myself because I want my images to be as good as possible so when I come back look at them again in 15 years I wont have regrets. But I can certainly understand his thinking. So why is it camera makers are so slow to catch up with this trend?

Like the article said, Nikon's 5 year plan should have been in place 5 years ago. indeed. If 5 years ago (when iphone 1 was out for one full year which already started changed the way people use their phones) Nikon had the vision to see how things would turn out, they should have included an accessory bay in all their DSLRS which allows you to plug in an add-on that does not protrude like the wifi chip for D600/D3200. Then my friend may well have been shooting d300 during his thai trip, and his next planned camera would be a D7100 rather than iPhone 5S.

Sadly, 5 years down the line, they still havent thought of that. 6D is about as advanced as they come and it doesnt have programmable OS or NFC. D600 is even worse with that stupid 70 dollar add-on.

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