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Future Market for DSLRs

I didn't see what the moderator said, so her goes.

The article's most significant numbers are:

"... the rate of market decline is accelerating each quarter — with global shipments of all digital cameras falling 36.2% to 19.2 million units in the second quarter alone, and interchangeable lens cameras, which include DSLRs, falling 10.9% to just 4 million units shipped. Canon has sold 23% less cameras than a year earlier, Nikon is down 18.2%, and Sony and Fujifilm are each off about 35%."

This begs the question of which maker was selling more of the P&S that are slowly being replaced by "Smart" phones. Does that account for the differences in sales decline? It's clear that DSLRs are about 20% of the total market in this particular quarter. I thought it was less. The difference between Canon and Nikon may be due to the latest, greatest new release from one or the other brand for that particular quarter, or the time period surrounding that quarter. Maybe one brand had a hot new release during that period.

The article stated this is a general trend. Maybe the market for DSLRs is saturated now. Maybe the advances in cameras have slowed to the point where buyers feel it's too much money to spend for too little increase in value. Maybe buying the latest model as soon as it's released has lost it's appeal. Maybe "it's the economy stupid".

According to the article, IQ is not the most important factor. Being connected instantly online is. Maybe what the new wave of DSLRs need is wifi connection through the smart phone, which is available today. But posting a 600x400 pixel, 150 KB image to be viewed on a 5" screen is not what you need a DSLR for.

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