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Odds are not good

Tom Hoots wrote:

John TF wrote:

If this was next Friday I would agree with you. But don't forget that the big ProPlus(?) show starts in NYC on Wednesday and Canon has the biggest exhibit, so Wednesday or Thursday might still be likely candidates. But not after that, IMHO.

Agreed with you on that, at the least.

However, the first "new EOS-M" rumor came out on February 24, 2013. Hasn't EVERY OTHER MIRRORLESS CAMERA MANUFACTURER announced or delivered SEVERAL new cameras (i.e., "more than one") since then?

I still really doubt that we'll see another EOS-M product -- lens, body, whatever.

Yeah, as the weeks and months slip away it certainly looks like Canon has quietly slipped out the back door of the MILC stage. Prices for the EOS M are still dropping, the EOS M/18-55/90EX kit is now $359 at B&H. The lens adapter is down to $129.

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