RX10 lens quality?

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Re: RX10 lens quality?

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Don't forget that you're at f/4.9 on RX100 at 100mm, so you will need to raise the ISO accordingly, Pentax is at f/2.8. At 207/2.8 Pentax is considerably better than cropped RX100 at 100/4.9. It's also better at anything above 100mm, because you need to raise ISO by approximately 1.5 stops on Sony to achieve the same result.

I would love to see a comparison myself because of the crap I've seen from superzooms I don't believe you're correct. All the super zooms I've seen look awful at 100% at anything above base iso and awful at even base iso when the zoom is extended due to poor lens performance. The RX100 on the other hand look great at 100% right up to iso 800 at any zoom position. 100% viewing gives a good idea of cropping capability.

Pentax Q 06 lens is not a superzoom, it's a 69-207/2.8 equivalent. Q7 has 1/1.7" sensor which is 50% bigger than typical superzoom's 1/2.3". I'll try to post the results later, when I'll have time to do the test shots.

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