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Good point, but not true of all creative disciplines

ultimitsu wrote:

I cannot help but find this view utterly idiotic.

Do people buy faster cars to buy better driving skill?

Do people buy more accurate rifles to buy better shooting skill?

Do people buy better tramping shoes to buy more stamina?

Do people buy better mountain bikes to buy better riding skill?

No but better tools can produce better results.

And it's perfectly normal for people who have reached a higher technical level to invest in better tools.  And this is true in almost all disciplines.

For example, I play the saxophone, have been studying music since grade school through graduate school. As a young student, when I reached a certain level of proficiency, my teacher told my parents to get me a better saxophone, perhaps an intermediate or professional model.

Why? Because better tools produce superior results.  Better brass produces a rounder, fuller, more beautiful tone with more even intonation throughout the scales, quieter keys, and a more pleasant playing experience.

Why do violin students when they get to a certain level look into better violins, and concert violinists seek sponsored with financing for a Stradivarius? Better instruments can translate to better results.

In sports, better skis, faster times. More advanced sailboat designs, faster times.

In photography, most modern cameras are capable of creating professional results.  But there are differences in features, IQ, affordability, size/weight, portability, robustness of AF system, physical controls.

I'm not a big fan of the Sony FF just because the lenses are extremely expensive, even the dark ones.

But there is nothing wrong with people wanting better gear.  Does this mean that every hobbyist should move to FF, and then someday to Medium Format? No.

Probably that the fastest way to get better invest in good lighting gear and learn how to use it. Tons of amateurs, including myself, sometime ignore the importance of lighting, both natural and artificial.  For many types of photography, mastering lighting will have the most impact on the quality of images. And a poorly lit FF image with look much worse than a well lit image from a crop sensor camera.

But I really do believe that better tools can produce better (at least technically) results.

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