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Re: EOS M2

Agreed.  Orphaned products/lines do happen, rarely.

To me, the real oddity to people claiming there won't be an M2 (aside from the fact that they seem to be ignoring 13 mentions of the M2 in DPP and a new sensor that seems destined to be in a mirrorless camera) is that they're basing MUCH of it on a quote from a Nikon exec about how the mirrorless market in the US hasn't been what they expected.  Ironically, Nikon just announced a NEW MIRRORLESS CAMERA.  One that will be WAY more niche than any of their other 1 series cameras.

So, if I'm understanding the logic behind claiming there won't be an M2 it's that...

The original M didn't sell well because it was AF-crippled and priced too high, a Nikon exec said US mirrorless sales are less than impressive, 1 lens hasn't been made available for US markets yet (happens with other manufacturers too - doesn't mean anything), and it's been about a year since the M hit the market.  Does that about wrap it up?  lol

Like you, I appreciate the M for what it is, and what it's capable of.  I've taken quite a few pictures that my family and I will value for many years to come with it - it's HIGHLY capable.  For me, an M2 (with the right lenses available) is my opportunity to move forward and ditch my 60D.

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