Where can I get a few high resolution pics to try my new printer?

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Re: What camera are you using?

Gesture wrote:

"1. Printers output is in DPI. Each printer has fixed choices for DPI, For example epsons have 360, 720, 1440 and 2880 DPI settings."

I let the printer extrapolate to its preferred DPI settings, if such a thing exists. That's just my practical impression/satisfaction/it's good enough for me after years of printing. But if what you say is so, wouldn't it be impossible to specify DPI before printing anyway, as the graphics program is designating pixels, not dots?????

1. Printer does no have "preferred" DPI. Printers have selectable choices of possible dpi. For Epsons it it 2880x1440, 1440x1440, 1440x720, 720x720 ... 360x360

2. Preferred PPI for printers are integer divisors of dpi choices; this way each pixel gets the same number of dots.

3. With modern printers the "preferred" PPI is not all that much better than it used to be, compared to non-preferred ppi. Modern printers use dithering, so a given pixel does not always translate to the same pattern of dots; pattern depends on neighboring pixels/dots. As the result input ppi being divisor of output dpi is not as important as it used to be; but it still helps.

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1. D800 is the first camera with resolution so high that it simply does not matter.
2. Most people who do not own/shoot d800 missunderstand it. Color depth and accuracy in addition to resolution is what makes d800 great. Resolution alone is over rated.

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