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Re: EOS M2

Wish I could pick up a kit on site in Aussie Land. There really is no way to rationalize the EOS-M introduction, pricing, marketing, sales, etc.

I look at the EOS-M and G1X as trial balloons by Canon to see what they could accomplish in that product space. Maybe, Fuji, Panasonic and Sony will finally nudge Canon and Nikon into modern times. It's more of a mystery why there is no G1X successor in place of yet another G (G16) small sensor, optical peephole camera than no EOS-M successor.

I've accepted that there could be no EOS-M2 and just enjoy my EOS-M. Backup bodies are still available at good prices. I've seen $250 for body only. In fact, instead of an EOS-M2, I'd just as soon see continued firmware updates. There has to be a way to make that focus box smaller and improve manual focus mode. The slow focus and buffer are what they are.

It's rare, but there have been quality orphan products in the past, most notable being Sony R1.

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