A year with the Nikon 1 V1, a long term review.

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Re: A year with the Nikon 1 V1, a long term review.

peter42y wrote:

I am moderately happy with the V1. in one thing i disagree with you : The white balance is horrible. In fact this is one of the weaknesses of the camera. The other is noise.

Hmm, I must say I've never once thought it was poor. Though under indoor lighting I'll usually use a grey card and preset the WB manually out of habit, the results haven't been bad even when I've left it on autoWB. Outdoors under a wide range of conditions it works perfectly to my way of thinking.

Noise... well, yes. It's what it is. A 1" sensor is a 1" sensor. Bigger than 2/3" (Fuji X20), smaller than micro4/3. Given that though, I like what Nikon does with the data processing overall (with high ISO NR turned off). It comes out with nice, reasonably natural-looking images, even when the noise level is high. ISO800 can be used deliberately for the purpose for achieving this high-grain effect which can actually be attractive for certain compositions. Texture smearing - a personal pet hate of mine - is mercifully kept to a minimum.

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