What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

Martin.au wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

no it isnt. they are all 300mm. the only difference is the em1 only uses 1/4 of the sensor area of D600. it is a handicap.

300mm on M4/3s is equivalent to 600mm on 35mm. They cover the same angle of view.

Otherwise you'd just use a 40-150 on the M4/3s to get that FOV.

What you dont seem to get is that 300 on m43 having 600 FOV not by "magic", but by virtue of it is cropped / cut / severed / handicapped. you can get that FOV on an FF is you crop the from down to 1/4.

Actually, it's you who's missing the point. I would bet that Cfynn and others are not attempting to claim equivalent image quality. I haven't followed the whole thread yet, but I would suspect they're talking about a standard M4/3s kit, with f2.8 lenses, or thereabouts.

It is you who miss the point. equal IQ is the the bar that must be measured against for weight / size / spending comparison to make any sense. Otherwise why dont we just all stick to FZ200 and be done with it?

Don't forget, once IQ is good enough, then it's good enough.

So you are saying M43 is good enough, no need for better, but anything less than m43 is just not enough, right?

You bought a D600. Before that you had a 60D. I don't think IQ is highest on your list of priorities.

Before 60D I had 1000D, before that I had LX3, before that I had S5 IS.

Yes, IQ is on my priority list, But nowhere have I said IQ was the only item on the list.

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