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gidgetto wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am new to the site, and it looks like a great resource to get some feedback on improving techniques. I have put in a few of my pics looking to get some good C + C. What techniques or tips do you use? specifically information on low light shoots, contrast and composition. I use a Nikon D7100 with 18-105 VR lens (don't have a budget for any new toys yet), and use PS and LR (not used o all the examples).

Welcome.  Very nice job on these shots.

This is close to being really good.  The man's expression and the woman's clothing are both very interesting and worth capturing.  There are a few things that could improve this image.  My main suggestion is timing the shot so that the woman's face is visible and the pair are interacting with each other.  It'd also be nice to get a wider shot with another couple or two in the frame.  The way it was shot having only one additional couple in the frame who are slightly out of focus is maybe even a bit distracting particularly given the light and colors are nearly as bright for the couple in the background and they are almost the same size as couple in focus.  Contrast that with having a line of dancers leading the viewer's eye to the closest couple who are larger and in focus.  I realize that creating a line may not have been possible.  I'm assuming there were more dancers on stage and you had an opportunity to get them lined up in the shot.  That may not have been the case.  One other issue is the color cast of the light.  It could be corrected in post processing.  My preference is to remove some of the color cast so the skin looks more natural, but don't adjust it 100%.  People viewing the photo understand stage lighting, so completely removing the color cast is not necessary and can end up looking even more unnatural.  I'd do about a 50% correction.

This is a fun shot and the purplish lighting works well in this case.  I wouldn't correct it at all.  Ideally there would be more space on the right since that's the direction he's moving.  One suggestion is to experiment with a slower shutter speed and try to capture more motion as opposed to freezing the action.

This is a great capture.  It could maybe have been shot a tiny bit wider, but honestly the minor clipping at the edges doesn't bother me at all given the spontaneity of the shot.  Really nice moment.

Another very good shot that required a quick shutter finger.  I like the decision to convert to B&W.  It brings out the line and the child.  I wish there was a little more space at the top and even more so at the bottom, but that's a nitpick.  This is a really fun shot.

Great colors with the dark blue sky and the red fireworks.  I love the way the light from the fireworks outlines the people.  The other great thing about this shot is that I easily get pulled in to the moment.  The perspective makes the viewer feel like they are there sitting in the crowd.  It creates a strong mood.  Beautiful.

This is another one where the light and perspective make for a great shot.  The clouds are an interesting element as well.  I wish the fireworks weren't cut off.

The antenna on the far left helps, but this image still feels unbalanced.  Having said that, I really like the concept of a white subject on a white background.  It has a great minimalist look to it.  I recommend trying to find more shots like this.  It has great potential and I admire the fact that you were able to see it.

A pretty shot, but a little too bright to see much of the strike.

I don't think this one quite works.  The light highlights all of the surrounding woods which are very busy and the falls get lost.

I'd really like this shot without the house in the foreground.  The house blocking the view of the city lights is a big negative for me.

I hope my comments help.  In general I really like this set of photos and I look forward to seeing the next set.

Nice job,


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