Best manual fast 50mm prime that performs well on e-mount (with adapter)?

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Re: Best manual fast 50mm prime that performs well on e-mount (with adapter)?

turnstyle wrote:

Thanks, I know it's not a precise question.

In general, I mean: a quality image, across the frame, from wide open, down. I hope that makes some sense? Best shot at the most keepers, you know?

Nope. This wouldn't help either. You see, there are way too many compromises involved in a lens design, not to speak about combination - lens to camera, to make possible absolute quality quotation.

i.e. "quality image across the frame from wide open" (assuming that by quality you mean resolution (measured by MTF50 i.e.))"makes already bunch of variables ... what distance from the subject you have in mind, would you prefer approximation of the center sharpness and corner sharpness, or you are looking at maximum resolution (usually in the center), what means from wide open - are we talking about f/1.2 or f/1.4 or slower? And this is just to start with...

Any hints on how something like the Leica Summilux 50mm compares to the Zeiss Planar f/1.4?

Planar have somewhat flatter focus plne than Summilux, so it performs better in the corners. Lux is optimized for the center sharpness. Lux has much smoother bokeh and together with somewhat colder (Leica) colors that would be most noticeable difference. Choose Planar for landscape, and Lux for people.

Do you want even flatter focus plane? Go with macro lenses. If you like Zeiss logo, check its brilliant Macro-Planar 50/2. Would you like more distinctive subject separation with a unique character, enjoy the ride with a Noctilux.

You are still not convinced.. try to get your hands on Leica Summicron M 50/2 Asph. or Zeiss Otus 55 f/1.4.

You see, there are no limits, nor absolute rankings...

It's hard for me to find comparisons geared toward use on a NEX -- eg, one of those lenses is for a rangefinder, the other for an SLR.

It doesn't really matter. I find CZJ Tevidon 50/1.8 designed for Super 16 film and few other C-mount lenses (optimized for short flange distances), to be outstanding performers with surprisingly well corrected optics.

You won't find perfect lens in general terms, but you could find perfect one for you. People will usually recommend what they have, because they like it. My advice is - put your priorities on a paper first and give them proper order.

What is the most important for you - even sharpness across the frame, center sharpness, bokeh, size, weight, price etc.,

What do you like to shoot? Check some photos similar to what you would like to do and check EXIFs.

Once you get clear on that, you will find yourself much less confused and it will be easier to give you few recommendations.

I really appreciate all the help!

I hope you will find what you are looking for. But I am sure you won't find it in forums, tests or reviews, especially not amateur ones (like mine i.e.) You will do much better by searching EXIFs of the images that you like.

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