Who Wants a DA 29 mm f2.0 Limited Lens?

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Re: Who Wants a DA 29 mm f2.0 Limited Lens?

I want a 11-1100mm F1.2 WR Macro zoom lens that's small enough to hand hold, but somehow I just don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. In the meantime, we keep adding "bits and pieces" with "limited" primes along with zooms that overlap their range until we have more lenses than we know what to do with and/or have room to carry around or even have decent storage space for in the home.

It's a psychological disease -- might even be found in the DSMR, although I can't say. I'm guessing it would be called something like Optimania, in which photographers who use cameras with the ability to change lenses continually obsess about the NEXT BIGGER, BETTER, NEWER SHINIER lens they just HAVE to HAVE in order to make their photography just "THE BEST" it can ever be. Of course, as well all know, neither the lens nor the camera REALLY makes the picture. While a truly BAD camera and/or lens may HURT a picture, the BEST camera and/or lens in the world will never "make a great picture" unless the eyeball, brain and finger behind them have the skill and talent to see, capture and produce what many can't.

I, myself, waited more than 10 years after digital started to become "the thing" before I moved to DSLR, for this very reason. I was CERTAIN I'd be among those with "optimania" once I went with a DSLR. And while I've contained it, to some extent, I still bought close to 10 lenses in less than two years, and there are still at least one or two more I think I "just have to have," but I'm at least conscious enough to wait until "the price is right."

I think we could all do with a bit of that, unless we're just FLUSH WITH CASH. Of course buying every Pentax lens in the catalog helps Pentax, and that can't be bad for a brand upon which we depend and we hope will remain active for the sake of all the $$$ we have invested in K-mount lenses. BUT, just how many lenses can we use, or carry, at any given time?


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