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Nikoni wrote:

NOTE: This was posted on open talk as well as D1-4, D600-800

Hi All,

I am an owner of D3s, I also own Nikon SB600 which I do not really like because it is basic (Not in any way I am pro or anything like that).

What I am planning to do in sell SB600 and buy 2 Yongnuo 565EX (Speed light) to do some studio (just family portraits).

Is this a good move as I believe this particular flash is quite advanced and has a good reputation (information from someone in a camera club I met once).

What do you think? Do you have experience with this particular speedlight? does it work will with D3s in TTL?

I look forward to hearing all your opinions

many thanks

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Off-camera manual flash can be triggered a few ways, but off-camera TTL requires use of a Commander.   Your D80 and D300 have a Commander (an internal flash mode), but the D3S does not (does not even have internal flash).   You could use the D300 as is, or you could add a hot shoe commander to the D3S - that best choice would be the Nikon SU-800 commander.

In this TTL mode, the SB-600 will do as much as the Yongnuo, you might keep it, and start with just one more flash for now (and a commander).

First thing though, just start playing with D300 and one SB-600 for a first look at the commander system, learn a little about the system.

See http://www.scantips.com/lights/awl.html for introduction to the Commander.

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