Who Wants a DA 29 mm f2.0 Limited Lens?

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Re: Who Wants a DA 29 mm f2.0 Limited Lens?

I can see the argument for some gap-filling in the more affordable range, but another Ltd so close to the 31mm/1.8 seems unlikely.  There are also lenses at the wide and long ends that Pentax doesn't offer that I'd like to see filled as a higher priority for development.  I'm thinking here of an UWA, an affordable DA* 400mm/f5.6 or perhaps a DA* grade zoom out to 400mm.  And yes, the teleconverter.  (If I really wanted to pipe dream, I'd add some TS lenses too.)

In the near term, you would have to allow that if Pentax is indeed going to offer an FF camera next year, lens development would be squarely aimed at developing lenses for that system.  While many of Pentax's current line up will cover FF, they have no primes at all wider than 31mm and no zooms.  They'd need to have a prime or two in wide angle and to offer the usual high grade FF trio of WA, wide to short tele, and 70-200 zooms at launch.  That's if it's happening....... and if it is, we probably shouldn't be too surprised if we don't see other new lens products for a while.


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