Best manual fast 50mm prime that performs well on e-mount (with adapter)?

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Re: Best manual fast 50mm prime that performs well on e-mount (with adapter)?

turnstyle wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

RF lenses wider than 35mm will not have any problems on digital sensors, only WA RF lenses have issues. I would hold of on test-reports that should be coming out soon, some of the 50mm were 'suspect' (e.g. the Zeiss ZM C Sonnar 50mm f/1.5).

Thanks, though that kind of gets to my confusion & concern.

Sorry if confusing.

First, to be sure, when you said "RF lenses wider than 35mm will not have any problems" -- I assume there you mean narrower, ie "longer"?

Yes, longer FL, e.g. 50mm, 75mm, 90mm and so on.

That's kind of what I had been reading -- RF longer than 35mm should be fine.


But then I hear that even some 50mm may be "suspect."

This is by people that actually had their hands on it. But then there seems to be back-peddling going on: "my adapter was loose", "I may have a decentered lens", "I see sharpness on one edge but not on the other", "I should try another copy".

Typically this indicates that the person taking the shot missed focus, had a misaligned focal plane, is not an experience MF/RF shooter, and so on. The apologies per above came up in threads were responded questioned the OP (but are hard to follow in Chinese, Korean and Japanese).

So that leads me to wonder if RF is just too risky, and whether I should limit my consideration to SLR lenses?

Wait and see. SLR lenses will be safe - but they typically have less center sharpness than the RF lenses.

If you could have either a Zeiss designed for SLR, or the Lux -- and if you plan on using it on a NEX7 and later also a A7/A7r -- ignoring price, just about the capability of the lens to perform on the NEX (as well as FF NEX) systems -- does one win?

Leica R lenses are interesting, so are Zeiss Distagon lenses, especially for WA applications.

You want manual focusing lenses - not the modern electronic lenses. This means MD, OM, FDn, AIs, and so on.

Is RF for NEX/FF-NEX jut too risky?

Not really - many are already using RF lenses on their Nex, and plan to use it on their A7/A7r.

On a Nex-6, RF lenses (almost all) work quite well - but you are at 16Mp with a 1.5x (APS-C) crop.

On a Nex-7, WA RF lenses are a no-go - even some E-mount mirrorless lenses are suspect.

On the A7/A7r, WA RF lenses are being discussed. It is almost granted that longer FL lenses will work fine.

Of course, both RF cameras and A7 cameras are 'minimalistic' - and any user would be more interested in using small lenses (WA) than long lenses (Tele). If you go past 85mm, you may as well get SLR lenses - lots more (low cost) choices.

(Oh, and regarding the e-50 -- I do want the lens to be able to play nice with the A7/A7r.)

Yes, the E50 is a 'crop' lens only (APS-C).

Thank you very much for helping.

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