I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

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Re: I don't see much enthusiasm for the XE2 here

As I could very well use 2 bodies in order to avoid changing lenses all the time, I consider the X-E2: If AF is really faster I think it will be a much better camera in real life shooting, day for day, picture for picture. It is not always the dramatic changes that make things really better in use. Sure, I'd like to see an updated and higher resolving sensor, but that one may take another year to arrive...

User settable MSS alone is godsent, and Fuji's reluctance to make this ultra- simple fix in the X-E1 firmware does not look good to me.

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Unlike the Sony Nex forum where every 2nd or third post is about the A7/7r and even being talked about on other forums I don't see much traffic about the new XE2.

Too subtle an upgrade?

XE2 makes sense for new buyers to keep that model relevant. It would have been easy to implement because all the work was done for the X100s.

I hope the XPro2 is a more aggresive and bolder upgrade over XPro1.


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