Where can I get a few high resolution pics to try my new printer?

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Re: What camera are you using?

I usually print a 6x9 inch image area on a 8x10 or 8-1/2x11 piece of inkjet paper. At 300 dpi, that will require about a 14 MB RGB file size in Photoshop. Practically, I never resize to a discrete DPI/PPI but let the printer handle the downsample or upsample.

As suggested, if you shoot at the largest size and least compression in your best in the sense of higher megapixel camera, you can take your out of camera JPEG and then save it as a TIFF or PSD file. It likely will be close to the 14 MB file size.

That Northlight file is a good one to test print. Just Google inkjet test print and several other good ones will be available.

Some OEM web sites will post RAW files from their cameras. Sigma has in the past and if it is from an old enough camera or you have a recent enough version of Adobe Camera Raw, it will open the RAW file.  These will be outstanding images for testing a printer.

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