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Last Thursday I applied for a Forum account on Sean Hannity website to participate in some funny discussions that are going there. Today is Tuesday and I am STILL waiting for this account to be reviewed by the “moderator”. Yet, Mr. Hannity was beside himself on his XM radio program with a “slow and pathetic” service on the site.

“Thou who live in the glass house shall not throw stones”

I'm not one who is against the ACA, and I really despise Hannity, but really this is not very comparable. Did the government mandate you had to sign up for the Hannity forums by the end of the tax year? Did Hannity charge each taxpayer $4 to set up his website?

I don't think we should be making excuses for this monumental fail by government contractors. Supporters of the ACA should be the most upset because it tainting the rollout and giving detractors material to work with. If the website was going well, people would be signing up in large numbers and you'd have a lot of successful stories in the press. Instead we have another example of an expensive and incompetent government project.

Interesting but then why is it when private industry such as Apple intro's a new product with glitches, doesn't properly anticipate the demand and has people camping out overnight in lines to get it but it's considered a phenomenal American success story?

I'm honestly having a hard time drawing a meaningful parallel with this comparison. How do you think mandated health insurance coverage and iPads are the same?

Both are implemented by humans who are imperfect. Isn't the roll out of a new product with glitches and price gouging due to lack of supply just as bad? If so then why do we view it differently? Why are we so willing to cut private industry slack for their mistakes yet slam our government for similar misfortunes? Our government is more efficient in their administration of Medicare and the VA than private insurance and hospitals are with their offerings yet some in this country love to vilify the government while extolling the virtues of private for profit health care.

Were you so naïve as to think that any program this large would startup without problems?



BTW this "for profit" website is one of the worst that I frequent.  Far too many hiccups and glitches on a regular basis.

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