A year with the Nikon 1 V1, a long term review.

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Re: A year with the Nikon 1 V1, a long term review.

toomanycanons wrote:

Nice in-depth review. I still have questions though.

1) I'm a "dial my ISO up or down as needed on the fly" kind of shooter. I try to keep my ISO as low a possible (on my Nikon DSLRs) even though on my D5100 it's noiseless to ISO 800. Still...I'll go up to 200 or 400 to keep my shutter speed above handheld blurness. So, is it completely frustrating to have to get into the V1's menu to do this? Or does its Auto ISO actually work satisfactorily?

The Auto ISO works more than satisfactorily. It works out that the camera chooses the ISO values that I'd be choosing myself if I was controlling it manually. Unless I'm doing something very unusual, like using a tripod, ISO can be set to auto 200-Hi and forgotten about.

2) Like the reply above, it would appear that the V1, as competent as it is, for you is still just a competent "always with you camera" but not taken on serious jobs. IOW, if someone is going to just want a camera in the car "for emergencies" the V1 will deliver.

It would not be my first choice for "serious" jobs, arbitrarily defined as a photo I'd want to hang on my wall.

3) But...how is it in low light interiors? Would it be the go-to camera if you were shooting in real low indoor light?

No it would not.

4) And good news about the auxiliary flash--swivel and tilt!! As opposed to the Canon M's "does neither" clip on flash.

The SB-N5 flash is incredibly cool, and mitigates against 3) above. That is, while the V1 is not so great in ambient indoor conditions, an accurate and effective fill-in flash offers a creative alternative to relying entirely on ambient.

5) And I'd always read that the 10-30 was a pretty decent lens. I'm a short zoom kind of shooter, don't own and never will own primes (again) so surely the 10-30 is good enough?

It is, absolutely. It's just preference, my own is for the smaller, simpler 10 mm prime lens.

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