XP1 or XE2

Started Oct 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
mr moonlight Senior Member • Posts: 1,789
Re: XP1 or XE2

If you need an OVF, the decision is simple.

My advice is if you're buying a new camera, buy only when you absolutely need it then, or wait until after a new model is released. We can assume that since the XP1 is coming up on it's 2 year mark combined with the recent release of the XE2 that the XP2 will be announced sometime in the near future. So if your ideal would be an XP1 with all the new features of the XE2, and you can stand to wait 6 months. Wait for the XP2. If you need a camera today and want an OVF, buy an XP1. If the XP2 is announced tomorrow, you can never say you should have waited because you waited as long as you possibly could to buy it. Plus an announcement still means deliveries are a bit off in the future.

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