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Re: EOS M2

I agree with all you say Jonathan, and I kinda guess that canon are playing in the shadows as their  the new M might not match up to other manufaturer's offerings. But nothing wrong with that as many of us who use the current M know its ability - which is to deliver... and I mean DELIVER IQ, and it does this well. The camera only needs a few updates and it will be fine. Honestly for me, who prefers to shoot manual focus lenses, this is the prob the best mirrorless I've used (with magic lantern ofcourse) . I have a lcdvf when it's required I use it... I would say the only other camera that comes close in usability is the x100.

I feel canon should make at least an announcement to let its loyals know they have something in the works, which can be / would be delivered soon...

Sony took their time building their full frame mirrorless, and they delivered after almost a year and half. But during that year and half they have been outing other products as well, developing their line of lenses as well... why's it so difficult for canon to give the M a native 50mm 1.8? (i read that nikon are due to out a FF mirroless with a native 50mm 1.8 in a few weeks)

The M has a lot of potential, but maybe canon don't know how much. And if they do they need to address it.

The new Sony FF mirrorless offers peaking and zebra from out of the box - how difficult is it for Canon to join hands with Magic Lantern (they better do it before some other manufacturer does so) Sometimes I think maybe they takin the P!! but hey I'm just a end of line consumer what do I know!

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