What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

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With the release of Sony A7 and A7r and from a price point of view I'm wondering what sort of market will there be for Olympus micro fur-thirds - Specially the new OM-D E-M1. For the price of E-M1 you can easily get a A7 at lease within 100 bucks difference.

For me investing on a Full-frame make more sense long term... I know micro four-thirds have a better lens line up and is more established but hey, if I consider buying a E-M1 today why not just invest the money for a Full frame? or am I missing something here?

E-M1 having axis image stabilizer is the only plus against Sony A7. Even from a size point of view both are about the same.

What will happen to Olympus now? Any thought ? What would you pick if you were on the market today? What's the mirror-less camera you'll go for?

How many people rushing to full frame really need it?

No one needs a standard alone camera, a 200 dollar smartphone will take pictures.

People buy FF because it takes better pictures. Same reason as you by m43 over LX7/XZ2. Except, FF takes better pictures than m43.

You really don't seem understand some things, do you?

A lot of people buy cameras based on the entire set of features, not just the sensor.

A lot more people buy cameras based on IQ.

I've seen far too many examples of *cough cough* "better" pictures that had no need of FF, or APS-C or m4/3-the people taking them, in droves, really should save their money on cameras and spend it on classes to improve their ability.

Why stop at m43? I have seen even more good pictures taken by iphone or FZ200. why do you need m43 when FZ200 exist?

I am not just talking about aesthetics: I'm talking about people whose understanding of focus, exposure, color balance, tonality and decent PP is no better with FF than when they first started in photography.

By virtue of random person X not know how to drive a car, you have came to a conclusion that pursuit of faster car is a stupid idea.

That is how dumb it gets.

All the right in the world for people to buy more camera than they need. Just please, refrain from telling me that should be a reason for me to choose one camera over another. After 35 years in photography at various levels, I know what suits my needs and works for my clients.

Just when you denounce "larger sensor is better", you come out pull a number - 35 years - as if that suppose to be a long time and that somehow means you ought to know the truth more than those who has been doing it for short length of time.

Disregarding the fallacy in that assertion. Dont you find yourself a grossly hypocrite?

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