What will happen to Olympus now??

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based on this post

sportyaccordy wrote:

KariP wrote:

You must first calculate how much extra weight you are willing to carry around.

Traveling with a bag full of heavy lenses can be satisfying - if somebody carries them for you.

BTW - i do not own Olympus cameras. I chose Fuji X-E1 because i like to travel with a camera like that. I considered even an Olympus...

My 6kg of Canon DSLR gear stays at home - and all FF it would be 8kg....

Investing seriously in FF means that you have to use a car to carry your equipment or stay close to home...

I'm not sure I follow. What constitutes a "serious" investment? An M9 + a lens cost more than say, a D5III and the standard + tele 2.8 zooms. Plus one doesn't need 8kg of gear to take good pictures or be a serious photographer.

I would be more than fine with an A7 and a standard zoom....

It seems to me that YOU are excited about Sony. Based on the evidence, you seem to think that your likes and dislikes MUST be shared by all rational people. Therefore, because YOU like the Sony, in your mind, ALL rational people will like the Sony. Therefore, in your mind, Oly is doomed.

Do I need to point out the flaws here?

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