MSNBC continues to tear into their messiah's train wreck

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Re: MSNBC continues to tear into their messiah's train wreck

Walking Dead wrote:

shutterblaster wrote:

Walking Dead wrote:

It goes to show that the liberals don't take their talking point from a single source, unlike the conservatives.

Liberals have the ability to reach their own conclusions, and have individual ideas, unlike the conservative ninnies, who need to get their talking points hand spooned to them.

When are we gonna get some objective opinions from you? You are as predictable as any poster here. Including the princess.

Objective Opinion- Is it possible to give an OPINION that is 'objective',

Yes it is

aren't all opinions 'subjective'?

not really. I think it is possible to remove your personal feeling and deal with facts.

If you do a Google search of 'Objective Opinion', you'll see several links where they call an 'objective opinion' as an oxymoron.

Yeah so what

What I say is 'fact', you'll say that it is 'fantasy'. However, if you agree with my 'fact', then my opinion would be subjective to you, and in which case, my 'opinion' is no longer any 'opinion', but a 'statement of fact'.

If i agree with you it doesn't make your statement a fact,

I'm sure that to you whatever FOX News tells you, you'll take as fact, therefore any opinion that they give is no longer an opinion, but merely a statement of fact.

I don't watch fox news or any other tv news for that matter.

Can you lead the way, and give me a 'subjective' opinion?

It is my subjective opinion that you a a world class bullshitter. If you agree with that it will become a fact.

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