FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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I am totally obsessed with EV. I have learned to gauge it when out and about, and its use is hampered only by the blank screen after each shot. If I don't get EV right it really notices. Luckily the EVF brightness is adjustable and has been near enough matched to common conditions I encounter. The number of times a shot appears on this forum which is over exposed in the presence of large banks of darker than 18% grey is notable. An EV of -1 is a common requirement, meaning -0.33EV shots are a little bright and perhaps blurred slightly for having the shutter open over long.

When in discussion about cameras, I consider it important to maintain a balance of argument. People accept that I favour the ergonomics of the FZ50, and I pretty much stay quiet about it until someone pushes a camera argument off line. The phrase 'complete nonsense' was the trigger this time. I like the recent FZ's a great deal, and fully appreciate that many people can find ownership faultless. But in the same way, the faultless state is a perceived one; not necessarily and actual one. The FZ200's OFF to EV adjusted 600mm shot is scarily long, but who knows? It's now the norm. I can't leave the FZ50 for that sort of timing. I'm used to what I have.

You say that a recent FZ can stay on for 8 hours with two batteries. This is good news. There is room for improvement in many of today's cameras with respect to a days worth of shooting at times between shots that cause cameras to close to standby. A photo every 10 minutes is a tall order for many cameras (especially our pocket ones), which is typically the shooting pattern on one of my walks around the place.

On a walk out with family or friends, I like to be able to look around and take photographs now and then; without falling behind the pack too much. Comfortable camera speed is welcome, despite there actually being no rush. That the camera is zoomed somewhere near composition by the time it reaches the eye is not a rush, but the way it is. So too is the fact that the EV display can be up in the EVF already, if I think a change is required. These are better than a second improvements in camera performance, meaning the over a second focus time for the FZ50 cannot be made up by technically faster focussing cameras. If the FZ200 were sold with focus times added to zoom to composition times, people would step back with a "Hold on a Minute!". The camera industry has successfully separated out focus time and composition time in advertising. Many commands require the camera to be drawn away from the eye. Other commands cause a momentary change or lessening of camera grip. Yet these minor performance issues go largely unnoticed.

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The FZ50: DSLR handling of a bright, non-extending Leica 35-420mm F2.8-3.7 lens. I live in hope that Mr Ichiro Kitao, Mr Michiharu Uematsu and Mr Yoshiyuki Inoue have triggered the update to the FZ50. Please update the FZ50. It is unique and users of it cannot update without compromise of one or more of its combination of features. Full tribute here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1033&message=42366095 . Performace diagram here: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/3862228415/photos/2623982/fz50-performance-range

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