MSNBC continues to tear into their messiah's train wreck

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Re: MSNBC continues to tear into their messiah's train wreck

itchhh wrote:

MSNBC continues to tear into their messiah's train wreck

If you're part of the MSNBC brain trust, things are...difficult...right now. You spent the last three years denying Obamacare's shortcomings, refusing to entertain the notion that Obama was fallible, and promising your meager viewership that everything was going to be great once the American people saw how wonderful the ACA really was. Then it launched, and you looked like a complete sucker.

No one likes to be so thoroughly embarrassed, which may be why the network has been sharpening its knives over the botched ACA rollout.

This morning on "Morning Joe" the panel was - again - discussing the train wreck. Usually when they do this, they couch their observations in terms of Obama's greatness and his inherent ability to fix the problem. This time, things were different. Joe and his guests went for the jugular. Watch as they portray the administration as a teenager throwing an out-of-control party, while accusing a "government in crisis" of "outright lying" to the American people about Obamacare's enrollment numbers.

Omigosh.  You're tuning in at the wrong time of day.  Joe is their token.  MSNBC is like Alzheimer's.  It gets worse as the day goes on.  Things start to skew by noon and by 4PM all the stops are out.  Remember the 2-minute hate from "1984?"  MSNBC has stretched it to 8 consecutive hours beginning at 4PM.

Mika and Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have a "mime-off" sometime.  The shrugging, sighing, eye-rolling, and head shaking is practically street theater with those two.  Throw in Al Gore and you've got a Broadway show.

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