First couple of weeks with a D3200... send lenses :)

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Re: First couple of weeks with a D3200 ...

bolador wrote:

I like that train coming..
Did you zoom out wile shoting?
I have an FZ200 too and thinking about a DSLR to. How is the relearning curve?
Are Nikon menus and handling any similar to panasonic's or customizable enough so you can use both cameras aside. I shot lot of kids so you can't think much about settings when thing happens..

You shot lot of kids!?!?!  LOL, I have a few friends that get upset that I use terms on Facebook like "Going out to shoot up downtown!!", "I got off a great sniper shot".  I like messing with the NSA trigger words.

Yes, I zoomed while shooting, something we can't do with the FZ200.  If you can find everything on your FZ200, I don't think it'll take you more than a couple of days to transition to a Nikon.  Things I keep forgetting... switching the lens to manual focus to dial in a shot, and later forgetting I did that and getting a bunch of blurry images before I realize it isn't focusing.  Some modes won't shoot if you do that.


I'm sorry for that. Spelling is sometimes hard from the cellphone with big fingers and the spell check in a different language...
I hope no agent is searching for me now..
I that case I can change he's gun to a camera with a magic "o".
Well my idea is to keep both cameras...
Your pictures are great...

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