Why I do not consider the rumoured EM-1 a true E5 successor or alternative

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Thank your, Doug Borwnj

Rexgig0 wrote:

Mr. Brown, I am very grateful for your image and informative narrative! While I do not shoot concerts or shows, I do shoot evidentiary images at night, with other types of crazy lighting often being present, and had wanted to try Olympus for the weather-resistance, colors, and good OOC JPEGs.

You do a great job of making a point I've tried to make several times here about the sometimes huge WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) advantage of a good EVF.

As you effectively demonstrate,, it is very useful for concerts, where I mainly shoot my wife's (http://elixirensemble.com/), where the video capabilities of EVIL cameras also really come to the fore. (This is one more way to work for nothing, but it at least provides a rare opportunity shoot live classical music concerts ;-).

Not only can it be useful for wildlife photography, as already outlined, but it can be decisive in getting good rather than marginal or unusable images in all kinds of high-dynamic range subjects.  As one of many possible example, in hiking up to the Burgess shale in 2005, the sunshine was just too bright to "chimp" effectively or even see VW indications on my then-newish E-1 well.  It was only on the late afternoon way down that I noticed that I had overexposed my images by almost two full stops.  Luckily the wonderful sensor and RAWs of that camera allowed the extraction of passably decent images and prints, but I can only imagine how much better these could have been with the OM-D.

Sunsets, dusk and dawn, available light and night and astro images; the stange lighting in situations like an aquarium or a glass-bottomed boat, or underwater; garish industrial and security lighting and many other situations, all benefit greatly from a good EVF like that on my OM-D, and even more from the great EVF on the EM-1.

Before dismissing the EM-1 simply because it looks and smells a little different, all FT users in such a situation should pack their FT lenses, go to a store that has on in stock, and actually try one.

I did, and I was quite impressed.  Olympus has done a lot to make this camera work for us.

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