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Jim Evidon
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Re:t X-Trans Detail is excellent with other RAW converters

The original question concerned the apparent difference in sharpness between the NEX6 image and the XTrans image shown in DP Review RAW comparisons. I previously said that I believe that DP Review uses LR as a RAW converter and no one has yet contradicted that belief. LR is not an optimum converter for XTrans as has been said in this forum on other threads. I have included two images of the same shot done in RAW and converted in LR5 and in C1 Express v.7. These are straight conversions with no post processing except to downsize for uploading on this site. I also downrezzed from 300 to 240 to speed up the upload process. No post processing has been done except for the re-size in Perfect Resize v.7.

The difference in detail, not to mention color is apparent. Perhaps by the time LR comes out with version 6, 7, or 8, they will have it right. I don't mean to demean LR as I think it is a great tool for all my other work; just not for XTrans images.


York, UK           Raw conversion in LR5

York, UK     Raw conversion in C1 Express v.7

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