FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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As mentioned in my previous post Vandyu, here are some of my examples from the old FZ20. Note that all of the darker/function-type images were taken using the camera's on-board flash and in the main I could see very little through either the viewfinder or LCD screen when shooting. I simply looked for the infra-red beam to light up some section of the subject until the flash at shutter release lit them up. Good fun in practice!

Obviously these examples represent only a small amount of similar and often better shots I could pull out from countless others if I were to search my stash a little more seriously. In fairness though, I think those I've posted here - along with a few more you'll find on the first page of my DPR gallery - show what a capable camera the FZ20 was a few years back. I've mixed a few shots from two or three daytime events and added a landscape job to a fox cub and a couple of birds for generalisation.

Once I've sorted out which of my new FZ200 images to post, I'll open another thread, so you might like to keep a lookout for them later this week. Cheers...

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