Giving new life to D40 - need lens rec's

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Re: Giving new life to D40 - need lens rec's

infiniti029 wrote:

I have access to an old D40 that isn't being used from someone. It currently only has the kit zoom and a long tele. My main camera is an RX100, but it lacks DOF control (bg blur) and wide angles (<24mm).

Would it be worth getting some new lenses for the D40, even thought it's a dated body? I was considering a 35mm, not sure what else is worth getting.

Want: Gain more creative freedom with DOF control, practice shooting

Don't want: Anything too expensive, I prob won't be using this camera around because I don't like the bulk of a DSLR. I have no desire to upgrade to a new DSLR body.

If I understand correctly you can have the D40 for free? If so, it's a unquestionable yes. Get the 35 f1.8 second hand for $130 and you will have a terrific photographic machine.

If you have to pick one lens for the D40 (just one lens) then go with the Nikon 35 f1.8. Period.

In case you have to pay for the D40, I personally wouldn't pay more than $100 for a body in excellent condition.

Note: I bought this camera twice and used it with the 35 f1.8 and other lenses. I'm talking from experience here.

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