Olympus Stylus1 24-300mm 1/1.7" sensor

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Re: One can only hope that...

Setter Dog wrote:

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Right now, it's obvious that the Sony RX10 has set the tone. Of course, no one has seen the IQ capabilities of that camera, but I would imagine that high ISO scenarios will be superb with that model. But damnnnnnnnn - $1299 USD is quite a bit of change from "just" a 24-200 model. So I'm betting that within 6 months or so, the price will come down.

Yes, that's a lot of bucks. I'm sort of turned off by the lack of reach of the lens. To me, the Stylus 1 looks like a better all around camera, especially if it includes nice features such as fast burst. HS HD video, Panorama, etc.


The price on the RX10 is just nutty. Several hundred higher than the aps-c R1 on its release, even after considering inflation. A nice camera, I'm sure, but they won't sell many.

I think the slight IQ increase of a 1/1.7" sensor over the typical bridge cameras, combined with the fast lens (which again most long zooms don't have, FZ200 aside), will be a good combo for a reasonably sized and priced camera that can give pretty good results in a range of situations.

Can't wait to see what this model really turns out to be.

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