Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

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Re: Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

If you want a better one, rent both of the lens for a day; take pictures with both lens (their focal length, F value & price are different);

If you ask people for their opinion, you might not reach any conclusion. A guy who has bought 85mm 1.4G will always justify his buy (he will never accept 135mm which he left out, is slightly better)

I see peoples comment ;

"I own a D800" & I love my 85mm 1.4; I wont trade my 85mm for anything"; " I " "I"...

Please note the following,
1) 135mm f2 DC, you can get a decent one for 1000 USD or less than that. How much is 85mm 1.4 G? its expensive.
2) what do you shoot? (landscape?/potrait/sports?/) how often you shoot in 1.4?
3) Which is a sharper lens? (dont trust anyone; try it your self & look at MTF chart) - 135mm is sharp, no doubt.
4) Which has better bokeh? 135mm, no doubt. (85mm 1.4 is equally good; however you are paying more)

I'veb used both; I dont own neither of these lens; simple conclusions - 135mm is sharper (no doubt), 135mm is cheaper, 135mm will soon be a antique piece (may be a huge demand), 1355mm slightly slower than 85mm 1.4G (there are ffaster lenses out there )

this is 135mm f2 (Canon), I will get 135mm f2 Nikon one soon; both are super sharp!!


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