What will happen to Olympus now??

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Investments and cameras

ioshadha wrote:

With the release of Sony A7 and A7r and from a price point of view I'm wondering what sort of market will there be for Olympus micro fur-thirds - Specially the new OM-D E-M1. For the price of E-M1 you can easily get a A7 at lease within 100 bucks difference.

If one looks only at price, and is purely analytical about it, then yes it can be a tough choice. But either as art or science photography involves many other factors that play into the equation too.

For me investing on a Full-frame make more sense long term... I know micro four-thirds have a better lens line up and is more established but hey, if I consider buying a E-M1 today why not just invest the money for a Full frame? or am I missing something here?

I think "investing" is the wrong term to use here. I have purchased many cameras but none of them was a good investment. Now, if one earns their living through photography then the investment per se is more important.

What will happen to Olympus now? Any thought ? What would you pick if you were on the market today? What's the mirror-less camera you'll go for?

Several. Ricoh GR, Leica X Vario and now Olympus E-M1. Each fits a unique purpose. Overall, I prefer fixed-lens cameras, but as far as ILCs go I like the Olympus. It's weather-proof and has several good tele lenses available, and of course it is compact and light. FF lenses, unless they are highly software corrected, will be large and heavy.

Olympus XZ-1 and working my way up!

A great camera! I no longer own mine but thoroughly enjoyed mine while it was around.

It is great that there is more choice in mirrorless cameras and I applaud Sony's efforts. Someday, when the right 50mm FF mirrorless lens comes along I just may buy into it. But for now anyway I still prefer APS as the best sensor size balance.

I used to own the Canon 5D with the 50L and that's the combo that I'd like to duplicate someday via mirrorless. I had an entire series called Ground that I was very pleased with. In hindsight, I should have kept that pairing. Alas...

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