With a limited budget what to get?

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Re: Look at the E-PL5, and Panasonic G5 and GX1

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The E-PL5 has nice IQ, but the Panasonic G5 and GX1 are, in practice, very close, so that for 95% of shooting situations, the small difference won't matter to you.

You could get a G5 for around $250, and a GX1 for about $200. An E-PL5 would cost a bit more.

But an important question for you is, are you comfortable shooting without a viewfinder - because both the E-PL5 and the GX1 would put you in that position - adding a viewfinder would basically add another $150 or so to each of those cameras - if you need a viewfinder, then the G5 is by far the best deal out there in a good Micro 4/3 body.

Appreciate your input, I know the gx1, where can you get it so cheap? how is it's low light abilities?

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That's what they go for on ebay in mint used condition. A while back, Panasonic cleared them out and you could get New ones for that price, but it's mostly gone now as a New item.

Low light ability is between 1/2 and 1 stop less than the E-PL5.

42nd street photo still has new ones.  They range from $269 - $479 depending on color and whether or not you want a lens and if so, which lens.  I just ordered one last Friday.

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