What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

ioshadha wrote:

ironcam wrote:

Buying an A7 with two lenses, will cost you like 3000-4000 dollars. How many people are willing to drop that amount on camera gear? Most camera's that are sold are sub 1000 dollars consumer models. That is where all the money is made. Therefore I don't think the A7 release will have a devastating impact on Olympus camera sales.

Have you checked how much E-M1 costs with a decent lens?

Any camera more than 1500 dollars starts to become niche product. The EM-1 is a flagship camera. They don't expect to sell a lot of it anyway. That's not where the all the money is.

Secondly, there is no gate way drug to the A7. No one is going to drop that amount of money on their first camera. While it is a lot cheaper to get in to the m43 system. And if someone might decide to get a more serious body, than the EM-1 is much cheaper if he already owns some lenses.

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