What will happen to Olympus now??

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A FF system camera with no reasonably priced lenses is a non-starter...

Seems like the overwhelming theme m43 forum for the past year has been how IQ with m43 is close enough to FF for general shooting. And pretty much every day we'd see post after post about "Shallow DOF: gimmick" or "EM5 vs D800", and "EM5 vs 5D III".

Now with the announcement of the FF mirrorless Sony with 5 really expensive mostly f/4 lenses, and one small sensor bridge camera priced in the stratosphere, everybody on m43 forum is talking about the Sony A7 and RX10.

Wow, how times have changed!!!

For my needs, when I'm out in the early mornings with my tripod I prefer using a FF Nikon DSLR for the handling, ergonomics, the huge selection of reasonably price primes and high end pro-grade zooms (many available on the used market), and the big, bright OVF. That's what I like.

But I'll be the first to admit that as a hobbyist my D800 is way overkill. And if F-mount didn't offer a huge variety of lenses from a $200 50 f/1.8G to reasonably priced zooms, I wouldn't have bought it. It's as simple as that. I use a 28-50-85 f/1.8G, and 70-200 f/4 VR Nikkors and a Sigma 105 macro, and none of them except the 70-200mm were anywhere near $1000 like most of the Sony FF mirrorless lenses.

Prices and overall system matter. And in this area, the Sony FF system is a non-starter just because even their 35 f/2.8 prime is a whopping $800. Has anyone here ever paid $800 for a prime with a modest f/2.8 max aperture? The Sony 35mm f/2.8 may have a fancy blue Zeiss sticker on it, but it's not a German Zeiss lens, but a Sony/Zeiss branded lens made in Japan, Malaysia or wherever.

So while the A7 body might seem like a good deal, the Sony lenses make the entire system a wildly expensive proposition. And for the "legacy adapter crowd", mounting a $25 Ebay Konica legacy lens on a 36 mp FF camera and getting sharp corner to corner images just is not going to happen. Not to mention that fact that it will be manual focus.

The RX10, it's an almost 2 lb camera for $1300 that's going to get at least 1 stop worse high ISO than m43, and even more vs APS-C. As a DSLR size and weight fixed lens camera it's totally contrary to the concept of small, lightweight m43 cameras. Not to mention that fact that Sony's JPEG engine is one of the worst I've ever seen (See link below), so now you have an expensive RAW only camera.


For walking around, general photography, travel, family photos and video, my preference has always been a small, crop sensor m43 or APS-C mirrorless with fast primes. The GX7 or X-E1 (my latest acquisition) rangefinder-esque type camera are all I need for this kind of shooting. A wildly expensive FF Sony mirrorless system is overkill, and not something that I have any interest in whatsoever. YMMV.

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