What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

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Well, for the same reason I prefer unibody laptops, I'd prefer the E-M1.

If you want to wait for 4 years of usage so you can assess which is more durable, then be my guest.

Your right to do so, but you might be paying extra money for nothing, or even less than nothing. Typically, you'd put these things through accelerated wear tests, using shakers and drop hammers, environmental chambers and the like. You can simulate the culminated effects of years of use in just a few weeks. I'm surprised that none of the test sites have made any serious attempt to test fro robustness, weather sealing and the like.

We can do two things.

We can observe that the E-M1 is built in a similar fashion to other high end cameras, such as the D800/D4/1D, with a full metal body

Full metal body means quite little when it comes to durability. A good example is Apple iPhone va. Nokia Lumia 920. The latter is plastic, but it trounces the iPhones in numerous youtube videos.

Also, body is not a structural weight carrying part, but just a thin protective layer. Plastic is as good as metal for that role, if not often better.

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