What will happen to Olympus now??

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Re: What will happen to Olympus now??

People keep saying the IQ is the same. BS. FF gives you 2 stops advantage. That's 2 stops less shutter shake. Or 2 stops lower ISO. Whatever you want- take your pick. FF gives you that choice.

People keep bringing up "MFT has constant 2.8 zooms"... So??? There are point and shoots with zoom lenses that start at 1.8. Nobody is comparing those to FF because they have F/1.8 capability. Likewise 12mm 2.8 is hardly anything to brag about.

Even with equivalent lenses, FF will give you a stop and a half more ISO etc. So even if the IQ isn't leaps and bounds above the added flexibility is appreciable.

The MFT crowd has always seemed somewhat insecure and defensive about their platform, and for good reason. There's nothing about MFT that can't be done with APS-C and as the Oly flagship shows there is pretty much no price advantage for the drop in sensor size. Oly and Pany are dead men walking company-wise as well... for all the talk of the MFT revolution it doesn't seem to have born fruit in volume and profitability. And now with these, which will no doubt get cheaper and spawn cheaper FF mirrorless bodies, the high end MFT market is pretty much dead and done. People talk about lens sizes... you aren't putting any MFT camera + lens in your shirt pocket either, aside from the essentially useless Pani 15 F/8. Now if stuff like IBIS or cheaper lenses is a priority, fine... but on IQ and flexibility? No contest

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