FZ70 or Fuji HS50?

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Re: Vandyu

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

Indeed, Vandyu, chromatic aberration problems were well documented re Fuji digital models of the past. It would be interesting to read/hear opinions from non biased Fuji fan-boys (or girls) whether CA/PF still affects current models sufficiently to warrant potential users being put off by such issues. Especially in this regard, it’s a shame that DPR (especially Simon Joinson ?) has failed to produce a HS50 review.

There are test shots here between FZ50 and X-S1. You can draw your own conclusions either way:


If it’s anything to go by, I have seen higher ISO Fuji shots posted in these forums that suggest CA remains an issue, but in the absence of an unbiased review, to what degree the problem exists is anyone’s guess. If there’s ever a reason for sticking with Panasonic, it has to be this manufacturer’s consistency in producing cameras not overly affected by CA/PF.

Problem is, if I pick up a HS50 and find low-ish light high ISO OOC Jpegs carry too much chroma noise or PF, I’m going to be rather annoyed that yet more post processing time will be required to make images look the way I like. Having been used to consistently good Jpegs from FZ’s, especially the 150, I’m not sure I could take to another brand that fails where Panasonic’s don’t. I’m now beginning to realise that such a switch could be a real gamble, mainly because unbiased opinions on the HS50 will be hard to come by.

Anyway, it seems you may indeed have given up on your FZ20 a little early. Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what you mean about the model’s viewfinder being too dark to use in dim light. Believe it or not though, I remember perfecting a method of taking shots of folks partying the night away, often in extremely dark venues where subjects were hard to see even with the naked eye let alone through a viewfinder or LCD screen. It’s at times like those that I realised how invaluable the infra red auto-focus assist light is on these machines, and that aiming and guessing correctly where subjects were positioned in the frame could be perfected almost to a fine art. So much so that I was often gobsmacked by the results achievable with the FZ20.

Something that always makes me smile, however, are those photographers who claim motor zooms are too slow for parties and functions, and that too many opportunities are missed where manual zooms would catch more. Complete nonsense!

Far from complete nonsense, the manual lens allows heads up, eye through EVF control of zoom and EV - simultaneously. The motor zoom requires the right index finger or left thumb to operate. If its the former then no EV calibration can be happening. Using motor zooms seems quick enough because it seems fast. It isn't. I own and love the FZ20. But I have shots with the FZ50 that I wouldn't even react to raise the FZ20 to.

If the photographer is on the ball, he or she will anticipate much of what is about to occur at a function by watching their subjects closely, and to the point that they’ll be ready for anything within their field of view. In my experience, nothing is more predictable than people and their habits, and many folks are even more predictable than others. It therefore almost doesn’t matter what type of camera one is carrying, just that it’s switched on and the appropriate finger is close to the shutter button and at the ready. Admittedly the FZ20 was slow to focus compared to modern FZs, but in truth I rarely missed a moment with that camera – and I shot countless images with the old 5mp machine. Surprisingly, although I did so purely for fun and has a hobby, word of mouth from many satisfied subjects brought in a few offers for me to shoot professionally, but for various reasons I declined before switching much more of my attention to wildlife. Alas though, regardless of what I shoot these days, I just don’t seem able to get out with my camera as often as I’d like to. Ah, such is life.

Anyway, when I get the chance, I’ll post a few of my FZ20 efforts for you to view, either here or in a separate thread. I’ll also gladly add a few samples I’ve recently shot with the more updated FZ200, as per your request.

Thanks again…

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